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Metal Roofing Panels on a house

What exactly are Metal Roof Panels?


Metal roofing panels, integral to the contemporary construction industry, embody the perfect blend of function and aesthetics. Once, these panels were painstakingly crafted from small pieces of copper and zinc, resulting in beautiful but often expensive roofing solutions due to the labor-intensive process.

With the advent of rolling manufacturing lines, the production and installation of metal roofing panels became more efficient and expedited. These machines could churn out panels that covered a 3-foot wide roof section from eave to ridge, marking a significant advancement in the roofing industry.

This technology breakthrough made metal roofing both more resilient and cost-effective. Yet, there was room for aesthetic enhancements. Early roll-formed panels had simple, rounded corrugations and limited finish options. But oh, how the times have changed! Today’s discerning consumers are presented with a plethora of choices spanning multiple profiles, paint systems, substrates, and a wide array of colors.

As a result of these industry advancements, metal roofing now stands as one of the most cost-efficient, visually pleasing, and environmentally friendly roofing options available on the market.

Should you consider a metal roof for your home?


Well-designed and correctly installed, our energy-efficient metal roofs can diminish energy usage, offering cost reductions and an immediate return on your investment. ABC’s top-tier panels contribute to extending your home’s roof lifespan, and our wide variety of colors, finishes, and gauges provide the aesthetic appeal and comfort you desire. Discover more about the advantages of metal roofs for residential properties.

Metal Roofing Panels on a house
Close up of the edge of a green metal roof

What do metal roofing panels cost?


While the upfront cost of metal roofing may exceed that of other roofing materials, it proves to be a prudent investment over time. In comparison to asphalt shingles, metal roofing boasts a significantly longer lifespan (60+ years as opposed to 15-18 years), necessitates merely annual upkeep, and effectively reflects heat, thereby enhancing energy efficiency far beyond what a conventional asphalt roof can offer. Considering these benefits, a metal roof indeed emerges as a superior long-term investment for your residence.

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